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Based on the psychological gothic novel by Shirley Jackson, the bone-chilling tale got a modern twist and had us on the edge of our seats as we binge-watched all 10 episodes in one sitting. Although it's been a good couple of weeks since the first season hit the streamer, audiences are still poring over the subtleties that make watching the show an immersive experience. We've already lifted the dusty curtain to show you the 15 hidden ghosts peppered throughout, but the hunt doesn't end there.

Today we're taking a look at the extra hints, teases and details you possibly missed the first time around.

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But beware, spoilers ahead — enter at your own risk! Seven keeps us safe.

Jared and Colin together come to the original sin

A number of eagle-eyed viewers noticed the ending had a running theme surrounding the number seven. In the final scenes, most of the Crain children are shown celebrating Luke's second year of sobriety. Notice anything interesting? That's right, there are seven people around that cake. Prior to the Hallmark moment, young Luke was shown telling Nell to count to seven whenever she felt scared, stating, "It has to be seven… that keeps you safe.

Sometimes you got to do it a lot. Like, a lot a lot. And at the end of the show, Luke's finally a part of a group of seven again. Did Thrish tie the knot? Ah, Theo — the beautiful mess who suffered an understandable aversion to intimacy due to the horrors she'd experienced from her clairvoyant abilities.

However, even she wound up with a happy ending thanks to her stable relationship with girlfriend Trish. If you revisit that final scene, you'll notice the pair are wearing wedding rings. It would appear Theo and Trish became Thrish. Related: 15 ghosts you may not have even spotted in The Haunting of Hill House. Murder on the dancefloor. The house plays its cruellest card in episode five, 'The Bent-Neck Lady', by luring Nell into a dance with her deceased husband, Arthur.

We soon find out this is an illusion, as the scene cuts to Nell dancing alone in the dark. The house gets Nell where it wants her by tapping into all the things she so desperately yearns for. And as she reaches the final threshold, we find out Nell was the one haunting her young self this whole time — Nell is the bent-neck lady.

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In the following episode, the character's dreadful fate is hinted at, as the house draws a young Nell into stepping an uneasy waltz during a particularly turbulent thunderstorm. As Nell paces away from her mother, we see her dancing through the same hallway in an eerily similar manner to the way she does with Arthur.

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Sinister signals. This one's a little on the noose, sorry nose. In episode four, 'The Twin Thing', as Olivia and Hugh are settling into their doomed home, a rather obvious foreshadowing of Nellie's death is played out when Olivia tells her husband to take down a number of loose ropes at the top of the stairs.

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Related: The Haunting of Hill House season two - everything you need to know. It's a twin thing. Luke and Nell are shown to have a psychic twin link right from the get-go. You know, "it's a twin thing". As young kids, one can feel when the other experiences an emotional reaction — for example, when Nell senses Luke is scared as they play with the speaker system in episode four.

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But their connection is more nuanced when they reach adulthood, growing in complexity as they have to face their inner demons. In episode five, Nell tells her therapist Dr Montague that her brother is doing well in rehab.

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Is that because she's spoken to him, he enquires? Nope — it's because after the first few days her flu-like symptoms had subsided, meaning she could sense he was over the withdrawal period. A similar premonition was experienced by Luke during his early days in rehab. Some fans contend that in episode four when he wakes up in a sweat, clutching his neck, Luke isn't suffering from withdrawal symptoms — he's sensing his sister's death.

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Notice how the clock strikes The Red Room. In addition to the big twist that Nell had been haunting herself, we were also shocked to discover the mysterious Red Room was actually the stomach of the house and had been disguising itself as whatever the Crains wanted it to be — the game room, the dance studio, the reading room, the tree house. Yes, it was a shocker, except for the viewers who noticed the show had been dropping hints about the shape-shifting room the whole time.

Most striking of all is the fact that nearly all have stunning blue eyes - unusual among Middle Eastern peoples for whom liquid dark brown is the norm. They are Kurdish and it is different. Their story is a mix of migration and invasion. All smiles: Despite their precarious existence, photographer Eric Lafforgue says the Kurdish refugees were wonderfully kind and welcoming. Cruel reality: The story of the Kurdish people is one of invasion and migration with the majority of Kurds now split between Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria.

The 30 million strong population of ethnic Kurds originated in Iran and now live mainly in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, although a significant diaspora is also to be found in Armenia, Georgia, Israel, Azerbaijan, Russia and Lebanon. An ancient people, the first mention of the Kurds came in BC, when a Sumerian tablet spoke of the land of 'Kar-da' and referred to the 'Kur' [mountain] people.

But by the time the Djinn returned, the king had died and the servants settled in the mountains, married the women themselves and founded the Kurdish people. By the early mediaeval period, the Kurdish clans ruled mini-kingdoms across the Middle East before coming under the rule of the Ottoman sultans of Istanbul. Although the Kurds had lived peacefully for much of the Ottoman period, the 19th century brought the birth of the Kurdish nationalist movement which first reared its head as a political entity in under Sheik Ubeydullah.

The uprising was suppressed but nationalism was not forgotten. In the years after the World Wars and the end of the Ottoman Empire, repeated rebellions in Turkish Kurdistan led to the imposition of martial law while in Iraq, Kurdish nationalism was met with the tanks and bombs of the ruling Ba'ath party. By the s, the PKK or Kurdish Worker's Party, had become entrenched in eastern Turkey, fighting running battles with Turkish armed forces and considered a terrorist organisation by the UN and many Western nations.

But it was in s Iraq where the Kurds would meet their deadliest enemy - the chemical weapons of Saddam Hussein which killed more than 5, people in a attack on the town of Hallabja. Today, the Kurds are still spread far and wide but the peace process in Turkey is beginning to improve the lot of those living between the Turkish army and the PKK.

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In Iraq meanwhile, the autonomous region of Kurdistan in the north has provided a haven for local Iraqi Kurds and those fleeing from the conflict in neighbouring Syria. Pale eyed portraits of Kurdistan: Haunting photographs offer insight into the lives of refugees forced from their homes by the conflict in Syria French photographer Eric Lafforgue travelled to refugee camps near the town of Erbil in northern Iraq Erbil is part of Kurdistan, an unrecognised autonomous statelet handed to the Kurds after Saddam Hussein's defeat Many of Lafforgue's subjects have been forced out of their Syrian homes after being bombed out of their homes By Ruth Styles Published: BST, 16 October Updated: BST, 16 October e-mail View comments.

Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Haunting portraits of Kurdish refugees offer a striking insight into the lives of refugees forced from their Syrian homes by civil war e-mail.