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Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Glitched , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. On the surface, the books are cozy murder mysteries with a modern, videogame twist.

For the most part the first book, Schooled, is exactly that — albeit a cozy mystery with an atypically raunchy lead character. I enjoyed it and moved on to the later books in the series where I quickly discovered that appearances can be deceptive. Each successive book moves further away from the cozy formula and into darker territory. In an effort to clear his name, Lexy ends up diving deep into the misogynistic underbelly of the videogame industry. Glitched is the most thought provoking of the Lexy Cooper books so far and more people should be reading it.

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Jun 02, Marcel rated it it was amazing. This was another page turner by Christa Charter. I started this book Thursday evening, finished it on Saturday morning. I had to work on Friday otherwise I'd have finished it then.

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Lexy Cooper involves herself in an incident that happens in a fictional nerd-event that just happen to sound a lot like PAX. The book also deals a bit with gender inequality issues and does it quite well in my opinion, at least it showcases the different ways that men and women are treated on the Internet and in th This was another page turner by Christa Charter. The book also deals a bit with gender inequality issues and does it quite well in my opinion, at least it showcases the different ways that men and women are treated on the Internet and in the workplace, sadly very accurate.

That said, it's not heavy handed, and it flows with the story really well. I can't wait for the next Lexy Cooper. Apr 04, Susanne Winterhawk rated it it was amazing. Lexy is growing up. She's ready to work through her pain in more mature ways. She seems to be headed in new directions and not as dependent on Mike.

I was aware that the Games Industry was sexist but not to this extent. I hope someone is paying attention because women are half the potential customer base. That nerdy little boy stuff whatever the actual age is unacceptable in any civilized environment. Great as always I have to say this has been my favorite so far. I couldn't wait til the end to see if I was correct in who did it.

Christa did an amazing job with the story and I would recommend everyone to read this series. Can't wait for another one She got me again.

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Up far too late reading this book. Lexy Cooper is my favorite guilty pleasure and I have to admit that I almost made it through without shedding a tear. The books in this series just keep getting better! Lexy's character evolution throughout the series is honest, sometimes painful but always realistic and well-written.

Loved it from start to finish!

Can't wait for the short story and Lexy 5! Nov 12, Robert rated it really liked it. Good stuff as always! Good story, good typical Lexy. Too much Nate, again. Definitely did NOT like the ending. Not for people who have rape issues as a trigger. Aug 18, Cat Fu carocat rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , top-books. This is actually my favourite book of the series mainly because of the fallout from the previous book plus I really couldn't predict the killer! My favourite quote: "Meanwhile, the four podcasters who stood before her each could have donated thirty pounds toward the creation of a fifth podcaster and still exceed recommended BMI.

Lexy can be a very naughty girl and her love life takes an interesting turn in this book. She manages well enough to juggle her love life, work, and information on this new murder, though some repercussions from the first book come to light. In short, a strong female lead with equal parts geeky and sexy, embroiled through no fault of her own in another murder mystery.

Two thumbs up! Only a few months after helping her detective uncle catch a multiple murderer, community manager turned video game tv show hostess Lexy Cooper walks in to another slain co-worker. Unfortunately for her, the list of suspects goes beyond the workplace and in to a world that is more dangerous than walking around in Minecraft with just a stick. To add to the difficultly level, her now ex boyfriend is one of the suspects as well as the mysterious pro-snowboarder that she pairs up with. With the level Only a few months after helping her detective uncle catch a multiple murderer, community manager turned video game tv show hostess Lexy Cooper walks in to another slain co-worker.

With the level set this high, her uncle might not be able to protect her as he has a trickery mini-game to play with a FBI former lover who might not have Lexy's safety as a goal. By all rights I should be mad at Christa Charter. Her books make me neglect my family, friends and all of humanity. At least until I finish the book. Pwned is an excellent book and much like after I had finished Schooled, the first book in the Lexy Cooper Mystery series, I was ready to start reading the third immediately afterward, but alas I will have to wait. Christa has a natural gift for imagery, some of the weirdest details you wouldn't think about, she does - and the reader benefits from it By all rights I should be mad at Christa Charter.

Christa has a natural gift for imagery, some of the weirdest details you wouldn't think about, she does - and the reader benefits from it. The characters she has created are diverse, individual and very entertaining. As long as Christa is writing, I will continue reading. I am so glad that I got to be an early reader on this one. This book did not disappoint. Lexy becomes even more rich as a character in this book and I am almost ashamed to admit that Charter made me tear up not once, but twice with the book.

The richness and complexity of the relationships demonstrates how much Lexy as a character and Charter as an author have grown. I do have 2 requests for the author: 1 Hu I am so glad that I got to be an early reader on this one. I do have 2 requests for the author: 1 Hurry up with book 3 and 2 can we have one or two more diverse characters in the next book?

Christa has done it again. Great book from start to finish. I thought I had this booked figured out but every time that I did I was always wrong. She keeps you guessing and brings in some wonderful new characters along with the great cast that was there from book 1. I can't wait until the next one come out. Great job and definitely if you haven't read the first one do that and get to reading this one you won't be disappointed.

Apr 08, Jaq Greenspon rated it really liked it Shelves: e-book , lithuania , mysteries , Once again, Lexy is dragged into a mystery set amidst the high-tech world of video game systems.

A Heart Too Proud

Ever the dutiful "friend," Lexy heads over only to discover the guy dead on the kitchen floor, a single stab wound to the chest. Coming as this does on the heels of her last adventure a mere few month in book time , Lexy promptly calls her "Uncle" Mike, a police detective, reports the crime and then passes out, a victim of PTSD. Then, over the course of the relatively short novel, the murder investigation gets hampered by complications and leads down paths involving drug dealers, strippers, an old flame of Mike's who now works for the FBI and a firearms instructor who moonlights as a championship extreme sports star or maybe it's the other way around.

There are enough red herrings to make a Lithuanian meal while suspects come and go faster than pixels on a dual core processor I don't know what the means, either. Needless to say, it all gets solved and Lexy herself has a major hand in the action, overcoming her murder related stress as well as her devotion to Nate well, almost. She also gets a new boyfriend and a new hand weapon and a throng of new followers for her in-system show, Xenonline.

It's a quick, fun read and I'll certainly get the next book in the series, next time it's on sale, but a lot of the same problems I found with the original book are still present here. Charter still writes her characters as inhabiting the world she lives in at the time she's writing them and so she's got pop culture references which make the book feel dated instead of timeless. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I think she might be better served by creating fictional figures who fulfill the roles she wants her pop culture figures to fill so instead of having a concrete person we might or might not know, we'll create our own thinly veiled pastiche of whoever is current at the time of reading.

This would create a relevancy which comes as a collaboration with the reader instead of actively trying to contradict their current reality. And neither does she. Her looks are given more credibility than anything else she might have to offer. Even the one co-worker who asks her to edit a piece of writing, really only does it as a pretense to sexually harass her. Which brings up another issue - sexual harassment in this book is almost at the point of absurdity.

When the HR Director is guilty of massive and obvious harassment I tend to lose focus and he loses credibility as a character. It just strikes me as someplace where if something was going to be said about the nature of sexist situations in the gaming industry, this was the place. Instead, it passes with the barest of notices except as a potential clue towards discovering our killer. At the end of the day, I keep wanting Lexy and her cohorts to be more aware of their situation and at least trying to understand and combat it.

But beneath the sugar coated smiles, heart stopping cleavage, and the filthiest mouth in the gaming industry, Lexy is a very different woman. Suffering from panic attacks as a result of her run in with Andy Kemp, and brokenhearted over the loss of Nate, young Miss Cooper is barely holding it together. Once again finding herself in the middle of a murder investigation, where the list of suspects seems endless, Lexy starts to do a little digging of her own.

But is she ready for what she will uncover? While not a typical murder mystery, Pwned takes a somewhat fresh approach to the genre. Rather than having an amalgamation of various detective type characters in a sexy new wrapping, the author instead places the reader in the shoes of someone who could quite easily end up being the next victim. Featuring an expanded cast of characters over its predecessor, Pwned presents a number of different perspectives as events unfold.

Instead, each character feels much more well rounded and whole, almost real in a way. Of course there will be characters that you love, characters you hate, and characters that will make you want to punch through your Kindle in utter rage Agent 54 aka Major Numbnuts, for example , and each one is developed just that little bit more in this installment.

Painfully so in fact. It could be down to the fantastic writing that kept me gripped to my Kindle from the moment I started, but I felt that Pwned ended far too quickly for me. I enjoyed the first Lexy Cooper book, Schooled, so much that I was camping Amazon as of midnight on release day waiting for Pwned to be released.


I plowed through the book over the following weekend, and was left wanting more - again. This series can't respawn quickly enough. What I said when I reviewed Schooled Lexy Cooper Videogame Mystery was "If you're a woman and you've ever worked in the gaming or technology industry, you'll recognize at least some part of yourself in this book. It's bigger than that, now, however, and when I recommended the book to other Goodreads users I mentioned that I thought anyone who has ever even worked peripherally in The Industry will enjoy these books.

The truth in this fiction feels so real because I'm certain that names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent, especially as large gaming events are concerned. I like the standard good-old-fashioned mystery layout and the nods to standard scare tropes with modern and high-tech characters and situations. The "softer side of Lexy Cooper" as mentioned by another commenter was a good call.

There is a deeper look at her humanity this time; Lexy struggles with the duality of a public face to a private life, the trauma of choosing between loved ones, and navigating sharply changing but not entirely-obvious undercurrents between main characters. Lots of man gibs are scattered again in this book, as by now we've come to expect. This is the third book I've read by Christa Charter and the third one I've really loved. Her writing style is like a rocket launcher right to the Cacodemon of my pleasure reading heart.

Poor Lexy just can't catch a break. Just as she was settling down after a shocking murder on the Xenon campus, she unknowingly stumbles across yet another murder of a Xenon employee. Along with her co-workers and Uncle Mike, Lexy sets out to see if she can figure out the mystery of who the killer is and why they did it. As much as I enjoyed the first Lexy book, Schooled, Pwned really hit its stride and built upon the characters we were introduced to previously and they became more fleshed out.

I Poor Lexy just can't catch a break. I'm still amazed at the glimpses into the gaming world that these books give me. All in all, I'm very glad to have found these books through following Christa on Twitter for the past few years while she was part of the XBox team. I am going to proceed directly to the 3rd book in the series as its out now and no waiting.

Feb 12, Chris Twentier rated it it was amazing. Lexy Cooper 2 really moves the series in a positive direction. I liked Schooled obviously or I wouldn't be into 2 , but this book really went a long way in fleshing out the main characters. The first book was a quick, fun read, but the sequel added a lot of emotional substance to the characters. They feel more real, especially Lexy's uncle Mike. I found myself caring more for the characters, and not just wondering "who's Lexy gonna grind up against next!

If a mystery story can keep you guessing until the final reveal, while keeping you engaged in the story, I don't think you can ask for much more! I know the third book is just a couple weeks away, and if Lexy discovers yet another corpse, I will begin to fear for the poor girls sanity going forward!! Give this one a whirl, gentle reader, I'm sure you won't be disappointed! She's smart, funny, sassy, sexy and she doesn't care what most people think about her. It's great. Lexy has one HUGE fault, letting herself love a married man. I hate this aspect of her. She's too smart for that.

I Saw Lexy Kissing Santa

Sex is one thing and while plenty would think it's horrible too, I get that, but love is a different story and I really really hope that part is over because it ma 3. Sex is one thing and while plenty would think it's horrible too, I get that, but love is a different story and I really really hope that part is over because it makes her seem weaker than she is. I might be in the minority dunno, I've never read reviews on this series but I hope she wises up and ends up with "uncle" Mike.

He's perfect for her, and not her real uncle, so all is good there. Sparks are gonna fly if that ever happens. I hope it does! I found this one just as enthralling as the first. My myste I found this one just as enthralling as the first. My mystery love started with Encyclopedia Brown when I was younger than I am now I also encourage fellow gamers, and anyone in this "Nerd" culture to pick it up as well. Christa does a wonderful job of writing engaging characters that leave you waiting for the new title like a kid waiting to open the "big" presents on Christmas morning.

Great Read Lexy is an interesting, independent, intelligent character. I enjoy her antics. She appears shallow and irresponsible to the outside world, however, she has the ability to piece things out that others haven't. I love the relationship between her and Mike, as well as, how they become BFFs.

Well worth reading. Readers will laugh and be shocked by the happenings at Xenon. Mar 13, Joshua Levy rated it it was amazing. Don't tell my wife, but Lexy Cooper is just pure win. While I did not enjoy Pwned as much as I enjoyed Schooled, it was more due to jealousy than dislike.

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The new characters are excellent and the mysteries are well thought out. Uncle Mike and Lexy are a wonderful pair. My gamer husband introduced me to these books, and I wasn't disappointed with the second in the series. This mystery kept me guessing until the very end, and I'm finding myself becoming more invested in the characters. I have a lot of remaining questions so I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for Lexy both professionally and personally! May 24, Maranda Carvell rated it really liked it. I can't believe it took me this long to getting around to reading this It's a great, light, fun read, definitely a must-read for anyone who loves Xbox and video games but certainly fun for those who don't.

Like the first one, my complaint is that I wish it were longer. Looking forward to reading 3! I didn't enjoy Pwned quite as much as the first book in the series. There's two separate plots in the book - Mike's murder mystery and Lexy's personal life. The two barely intersect and the Lexy plot veered dangerously close to cheesy afternoon TV territory. That said, I still enjoyed it enough to buy the rest of the series. Mar 20, Chris Brown rated it really liked it. A good book I enjoyed reading.

It's a bit weird, the mystery in this book seemed to be a more off-stage in this one, focusing more on Lexy's love life. It again shows me that Mike is the character I love reading about, so I'm overjoyed that Christa Charter will be writing some more on his adventures in the future. Great follow up This second book was a great way to get back into the Lexy Cooper franchise! Although there were some annoying parts where she seemed to lose her strong edge. Once again I was left guessing who was the murderer till the end.

Feb 13, John Henry rated it it was amazing. Finishing the second half of this book in a night is quite an achievement for me.