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Common finds include old newspapers, sometimes used for insulation, and firearms and munitions, like the Revolutionary War cannonball found in a Brooklyn backyard last August.

Dax Shepard’s biggest hit is a podcast he records in his attic

A couple of years ago, Ms. Hofer said.

In , teenage museumgoers created a time capsule of their own, adding e-cigarettes, a cellphone, a Starbucks cup and some concert tickets. Today, a bar and restaurant occupy its ground floor. The house produced many souvenirs of early New York when its owners, Martin Sheridan and Richard Hayman, dug up the basement.

The Right Way To Insulate: Attics and Cathedral Ceilings with Batts

Hayman said. Anderson, a Seattle architect. Some homeowners and some work crews choose to leave signatures and items behind as well, Mr. Anderson added. Construction crews also routinely sign wall framing, knowing it will be covered up.

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Anderson said. When Mr. Kennedy began working on Ms. Also discovered: a time capsule from the s that included a note from the 9-year-old girl then living there. After completing the renovation, she placed it into a small fabric pouch, added some crushed seashells, pebbles and a clay figure, and tucked it back inside a wall.

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And, of course, commercial projects that require major excavation routinely unearth all kinds of things. The subway extension, a Skanska-Traylor-Shea project, produced teeth, tusks and a partial skull of at least two of the extinct mammals. In Boston, another Skanska team at work on a story office tower had been on site for more than eight months, and was six to eight weeks into the excavation phase when it revealed a ship , sunk between and , that still contained barrels of lime and items including knives, forks and plates.

It was about 20 feet down and approximately yards from the current shore by the Institute of Contemporary Art.

It was a sunny day. What are the next steps? The importance of their accidental find was confirmed, he said, as city and state archaeologists agreed it was the most significant find of their careers. They were ecstatic. Paradoxically, that can be especially so for some of its most cherished structures. Leniaud said. One reason the fire swept through the open space beneath the roof is that there were no barriers — sometimes called firewalls — to compartmentalize the blaze until firefighters could arrive, said Jim Lygate, a visiting professor of fire investigation at University of Edinburgh.

For that reason, he said, such barriers are legally required in similar structures in Britain. Scores of them drilled regularly for just such an emergency at Notre-Dame. That proved critical to saving many of its treasures. So we know what to do when something like that happens, we know, for instance, that we need to deploy boats on the Seine really quickly to pump large amounts of water.

About firefighters responded, some of them unfurling hoses and training them on the blaze. About focused on saving its religious and cultural treasures, Mr. Plus said. The danger of a disastrous fire among the attic timbers was well known. Patrick Chauvet, rector of the cathedral, told the radio station France Inter on Tuesday.

Dax Shepard’s biggest hit is a podcast he records in his attic - Los Angeles Times

In case of an alarm, the firefighter would dispatch the security agent to the area where it rang. Paris firefighters held two training exercises at Notre-Dame last year, focused on saving the relics and works of art, Mr. By late Monday night, most of the damage had been done. But it was not until Tuesday morning that the fire brigade declared the blaze extinguished, and firefighters spent the day watching for hot spots and continuing to pull valuables from the building.

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But there were three major holes in the ceiling, one of them caused by the collapse of the spire. Before the blaze, restoration work had begun and much of the building was sheathed in scaffolding, which was still being erected. Experts say that restoration, which often involves combustible chemicals and electrical tools, always presents a fire danger, as does electrical wiring. The Notre-Dame restoration project was to focus on reinforcing the spire and repairing some of the attic beams, said Olivier de Chalus, a construction engineer and volunteer guide at the cathedral.