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How to Plan Summer Activities for the Whole Family

Children love exploring and seeing new places. As it turns out, parents kinda like it too! My in-laws have even jumped on board, making it something that family of all ages can enjoy. Tips for success:.

Here are our fall family activities perfect for kids of all ages:

It sounds cliche, but they really are a lot of fun! If you have bikes, get out and use them. Use the internet and ask around to find parks, trails, paths and large car-free places in your area.

Do you remember swinging as high as you could on the swings? Finally making it all the way across on the monkey bars? What may not seem important to you as a parent often mean the world to your child. Make it a mission to find the most awesome playgrounds in your local area and actually visit them! One of our favorite parks has a slide over three stories tall, that we never would have considered visiting unless we were intentional about looking.

Pack the car with a blanket, umbrella, lunches and make it a day trip. They always do. We were surprised to find that Santa Cruz offers a free summer concert series every Friday night during the summer months. We made it a point to go to every single show last year and the whole family loved it. No matter where you live, spring is right around the corner. Be creative with your activities, think outside the box and remember most importantly — these years with the kids will only last for so long.

These are great ideas!! I especially enjoyed the one about searching out the best parks. I would LOVE to go down the 3 story slide! Great post! I insist on carrying the kiddo in the backpack so I can get a little extra workout. Gardening is a great outdoor activity for the whole family, too. My son copies everything I do with his mini shovel and tools. If I can just get him to realize Mom only prunes dead plant parts, not GREEN, and tomatoes need to turn orange before we pick them, ugh! I love water sources. We live near the beach, but I love traipsing around the little creeks and the bayside seeking out creatures.

So fun! And fishing! We love to go fishing, and talk about a frugal dinner. My son can get cranky, and after we walk out the door he just seems to come to life. Me, too. My wife and I always start off with a really optimistic, can-do attitude to bringing very-young kids on outdoor activities, but the activity inevitably turns into a game of appeasing the baby, babysitting while the others have fun, cutting short the activity, and going home more stressed than before.

They were happy to just be outside!

18 Fall Activities for Frugal Family Fun

I think my last bastion of hope lies in boating and fishing. I think the youngest might put up with floating around a lake. Canoes proved to be too tipsy when we tried to take the boys out on a lake.

Creating a Budget Friendly Summer Schedule ~ Frugal Family Mom Life

A inflatable raft is safe and comfortable but a bugger to paddle, especially when there is any wind. So, a catamaran with no mast, netting between the hulls in front of the tramp, and a little electric outboard might be great. The only problem? I have few moments in my week to catch up here on your blog. I am never let down by the great writing and ideas. I forget how simple it can be and your messages and writhing style reminds me of that.

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If you'd like to become an affiliate, learn more HERE. Written by Mr. Crumbs I work in a large office like environment. Hiking Children love exploring and seeing new places. Tips for success: Be patient with the kids. Enjoy your time with them and let them be the guides. If the area has maps or trail markers, let them lead the way and make it a competition on who can find the next trail marker.

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This weekend we went to a local newly-discovered beach and watched the sunset. Looking back, I think some of our most memorable family moments were free! Spending money is really not required for family fun. Thank you!

15 Fun Frugal Fall Family Activities + {Free Printable!}

These are wonderful ideas! We go hiking often, as we live only about 15 minutes from a National Park.

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  • The boys think it is one of our best family activities! The Budget Diet is all about showing you budget friendly yummy recipes and life hacks that shrinks your budget and earns you money. Investing Recipes. A concert…forget it! Give your wallet a break this weekend, and enjoy frugal family fun!

    Think of all the possibilities beyond pizza taste tests! Sundaes on Saturday — Start a tradition of serving ice cream sundaes on Saturday. The silly challenges use everyday household items, and the possibilities are endless! Check out some Minute to Win It challenges that are easy enough to do at home.

    Make a Fairy Garden

    My teenagers always get a laugh out of watching themselves as crazy toddlers! Cooking School — Stop watching Food Network and start cooking! Your kids will love learning to cook and eating their creations. Add to the fun by letting them choose the recipes. Take a Hike — Pack a picnic and take a hike on a nearby nature trail. When our children were little, they loved going to Skidaway Island State Park and walking on the trail with bridges, marsh, fiddler crabs and even a tall tower where we enjoyed our picnic! Go exploring and save money. Game Night — Put a twist on family game night by making it a regular event.

    You could even stop for ice cream along the way!

    11 Awesome Frugal Family Fun Activities You Can Do For Cheap - Frugal Rules

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