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Hurtigruten introduces Northwest Passage by hybrid ship and voyages to Franz Josef Land

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Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. The Arctic Journals of John Rae. Description Scottish doctor and explorer John Rae is a controversial figure in the history of the Arctic. He began his career with the Hudson's Bay Company as a surgeon in Moose Factory, Ontario, where he learned to survey, live off the land, and travel great distances on snowshoes. These skills served him well when, in , he was charged with completing the geography of the northern shore of North America and set out on his first expedition.

Some years later, while exploring the Boothia Peninsula in , Rae obtained information about the rather shocking fate of the Franklin expedition, which had been missing since Upon his return to England, however, Rae was discredited by Charles Dickens and shunned by the British establishment, never receiving proper recognition for his roles in finding the Northwest Passage and discovering the fate of Franklin and his crew. Your crossing of Baffin Bay towards Canada will depend on the weather and ice conditions. During your crossing be sure to watch out for several whale species, birds, and seals.

Expect to be entertained by lectures onboard or take this time to relax with your shipmates. Your ship will now wind its way east through several islands.

ISBN 13: 9781927129746

The ice and wildlife conditions will guide your explorations of these Canadian islands. You will learn about Inuit history in the town of Pond Inlet. Lancaster Sound and Prince Leopold Island will provide plentiful opportunities for wildlife viewings. Polar bears, birds, and beluga whales abound. Your adventures will continue to overlap with parts of the lost Franklin Expedition. The crew will help you learn all that you want to know about the history. Your adventure ends in a small town of the Northwest Passage, for example Cambridge Bay which is an important fishing village.

You might be able to see remains from the ill-fated expedition. After learning some Inuit history, you will fly from here back to Canada.

ISBN 13: 9781927129746

Built in Scandinavia by the Russian Academy of Science for ocean research, the Akademik Vavilov is a comfortable, stable, ice-strengthened vessel. Although capable of carrying passengers, the Vavilov will carry a maximum of only 96 on Antarctic cruises. The Vavilov has lots of great public spaces, including the bar and lounge with degree views, a library stocked with polar books and a presentation room. Other amenities include a small gym, sauna and swimming pool, as well as a wellness program with trained yoga instructors.

An expedition cruise requires a fair bit of planning and some special items of clothing and equipment are needed. A set of expedition binoculars and a walking pole are also available for the duration of your voyage. This saves you buying expensive items you may only ever use once and eliminates the need to carry such cumbersome gear all the way to the ship. If you do have your own gear, of course you are welcome to bring it. Make sure it is wind and waterproof. If you have questions about gear, feel free to ask. Contact Us If you have a question about any of our voyages, feel free to call us, email us, Skype us, or fill out and submit the form below.

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